Some feedback from customers:


"I've gotten nothing but positive feedback from the residents of Meadow Pointe about the newsletter. People love to see the pictures of the kids in the community, and to read all about what's going on. There is information on neighborhood events, school activities, and plenty of things residents need to know. It helps foster the community spirit that we want to encourage throughout all of Meadow Pointe. Meadow Pointe has a lot to offer, and the newsletter is a fun way to get the word out. It's colorful, easy to read, and has its finger on the pulse of the community." 

-Kelly Garvin Rodriguez 
MY AD, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cindi what a great job!! It looks amazing!!!!
Thank you so much!!! 

-Amy (Ferman Automotive)
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has been advertising in the Seven Oaks News for several months and we have had such great response that we have expanded our ads to the Meadow Pointe and Tampa Palms editions. We can always tell when the magazine reaches the neighborhoods because customers arrive with the coupons in hand. We have spoken with new customers who told us that they gave us a try because they saw our ad and coupon in the newsletters. Thanks for everything.

-Ron & Charlotte, owners of Dickey's BBQ
Also, I wanted to let you know that people are excited about the Magazine. After we talked about this event in our Board meeting yesterday, one of the members mentioned that we had to have this advertised in the new MP Magazine! Well, there was then a "buzz" in the room as people started talking about how great the publication looked, how it was nice to have something new, how they enjoyed reading "different" information instead of the "same old thing" in the newsletters, etc. It was just a very positive response, and I thought you would like to know!

-Mary Burstiner
The publications look great. You do a really nice job.

Bill Place
-Owner, Ace Golf
I have been living in Meadow Pointe 14 years and never liked or read the Meadow Pointe newsletters, until you started doing it. I look forward to receiving the newsletter and read every page. You capture the most beautiful pictures ever. My favorite was the first edition with the cover picture.

I wanted to thank you for making the newsletter so enjoyable and a great source of businesses and valuable information.

-Meadow Pointe resident
"The newsletter looks fantastic. Thank you for creating such a great newsletter for the community. I was possibly interested in doing some advertising. If you can give me some more information as to how to go about it, that would be great. Thank you for your help."

-Larry B in New Tampa
I am impressed. I must congratulate you on Meadow Pointe. The magazine for Seven Oaks is very nice too. This magazine will help us find out of activities in all 4 MPC's

-Little Blessings
I haven't had a chance to tell you yet but the MP News magazine is great. There's a lot of neat stuff in there along with info about MP. I run a lawn service and am considering running an ad. If there is anything I can help you with or if you need something for the magazine just let me know. I'm very involved over here and have a lot of contacts.

-Thanks, Dennis
Cindy, congratulations on a great HG News! I checked it out on line and it looks great. I like your positive approach to our great community!

Thanks for the great HG Elementary page! (I found it on the web, and I forwarded the link to our PTA and HGE administrators). I will be sure to send you more information as I get it.

-Patricia Ball
Thank you so much Cindi!
I am excited to be in your newsletters!!
Thanks for the kind words on the ad- we are pumped!!
You are doing such a great job with your newsletters too! I see them
everywhere and they are really nicely done!

In health,
“We LOVE the publication and the great PR we are getting thru it!?

Shelly Hollingsworth, Counselor
Department Chair, Tampa Bay Technical High School
Thank you for publishing our story and pictures; everything looked great!
Here's wishing you and the magazine a great year!!

Neil Armstrong
We have gotten several new Temple Terrace Juniorette members from the articles in your paper, so thank you very much!

-Joyce Johnston
OH MY GOODNESS!! Cindi….Thank you so much!! Camryn and I saw the cover of this month’s magazine by accident while at the clubhouse on Sunday and she was completely beside herself excited! I wish you could have seen her face.

I’ve been to Publix to get copies for all the girls, but they haven’t been delivered yet. Do you know when they will get there, or is there a way I can get several copies? Thanks!

The proudest mother on the planet,
Thank you for putting positive articles in the Temple Terrace News It means a lot to me as a grandmother and scout leader to see that people are getting the publicity for doing good things!!!! Thank you again for all the great work you and the others do to put together such a great magazine!

Susie Napier, 
Temple Terrace.
The awesome community newsletter is truly a joy to read!
Thanks again,

-Stephanie Turbiville and family
"I can NOT even begin to tell you how EXCITED Collin was to open the mailbox and see his face on the cover of Meadow Pointe News! You guys are awesome and we look forward to getting the magazine in the mail each month-- helps keep us in the loop w/all the things going on in our community! LOVE IT! "
We just saw the article in the "Palms Magazine?and we love it- Ann did a wonderful job telling about all of David’s books. Thank you both so very much- you and Ann. It was very well written and the picture came out perfectly too.

Lucy & Pete Mercadante
We have gotten several calls from people wanting to volunteer. Thanks so much. We have never before had this kind of response to an article.

Carrie Burke
Kids and Canines
We love your Temple Terrace News! We always fight over who gets to read it first!
Keep up the good work!!

-Lee Hastings
I'm a Temple Terrace resident and love the Temple Terrace News! In a previous career, I worked on a local magazine in South Florida (writing, graphic design, ad recruitment, etc) and was really impressed when I moved to Temple Terrace and saw how relevant and specific the stories and ads in the Temple Terrace News are. Really well done!

Kate Morphew
The Postman brought the magazine today.
Thank you so much for all your help with my article. It is beautiful.
I can't put the magazine down. It is so well done.
Please keep up the good work!

Rosalie Waldon
We just saw the article. It looks great! I love the photos and layout.
I'm sorry if we caused you some last minute scrambling and I
appreciate your efforts!

Kai Rains
On behalf of Florida College, I wanted to say thanks for our recent mention in January's Temple Terrace News. We had tremendous showings at our Athletics Auction and our production of The Sound of Music, thanks in large part to our exposure in the newsletter. I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Chase Ray
Staff Writer, Marketing, Florida College: Learning, Living, Leading His Way